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This ventilators price list is published for budget estimation purposes. The fan prices include only listed accessories.

Please call our Fan Sales Department
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This Table is based on fan performance, Airflow in CFM vs. Static Pressure in inches of water column at standard air density 0.075 Lbs/cu.ft.

c/w Motor, Drive, Motorized Shutter & Delay Switch, less guards
c/w Motor, Drive, Hood & Gravity Damper
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 900
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 915
1/13 HP, 115V
US$ 330
500 CFM BP12-2
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 625
1/13 HP, 115V
US$ 460
1000 CFM CBP12-1V
1/4 HP, 115V
US$ 635
1/2 HP, 115V
US$ 495
2000 CFM BP14-1V
1/4 HP, 115V
US$ 575
3/4 HP, 115V
US$ 635
3000 CFM BP20-1V
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 660
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 715
4000 CFM BP20-2
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 655
3/4 HP, 115V
US$ 800
5000 CFM BCAB24K
1/2 HP, 115V
US$ 750
1/2 HP, 115V
US$ 925
7500 CFM BCAB30L
3/4 HP, 115V
US$ 875
1.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,100
10000 CFM BCAB30K
1 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 945
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,260
15000 CFM BCAB30P
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,100
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,375
20000 CFM BCAB42P-2M
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,125
5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,805
25000 CFM BCAB48P-2M
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,370
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,365
30000 CFM BC54Q-2M
5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 2,040
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 2,915
40000 CFM BX60R-2M
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 2,590
10 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 3,385
50000 CFM BC72R-2M
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 4,835
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 4,980
60000 CFM BC72S-2M
10 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 4,980
10 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 6,065
70000 CFM BTBC84S-2M
10 HP, 3 Ph.
US$ 6,335
15 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 5,395
80000 CFM   BPSBC72U
20 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 6,565
100000 CFM   BPSBC84U
20 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 8,040

Among the world's worst pollution problems are indoor air pollution and urban air quality, according to a 2008 report by Blacksmith Institute. Here's where a heating ventilation and air- conditioning (HVAC) system helps, as it regulates and maintains good quality of air indoors and provides thermal comfort.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC):

The heating system in heating ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) units can be of different types:

* Central Heating System: Many buildings place a boiler or furnace in a centralized location to heat the water or steam. The heated water or steam acts as the medium to distribute heat throughout the building.

* Forced Air System: Heated air is sent through the ductwork. In summer, the same ductwork used for heating can be used for cooling.

* Electrical Heating System: Here, the filament coil heats up when electricity is passed through it.

Care should also be taken to provide insulation from outside weather to prevent heat losses from the systems.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC):

Ventilation in heating ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) units is the process of replacing air indoors to control the quality of air and the temperature. It also includes the controlling and removal of moisture, bacteria and carbon dioxide and replenishing the area with oxygen. Ventilation involves not only the exchange of air from the outdoors, but also the circulation of air indoors. Ventilation systems are of two types:

* Mechanical Ventilation: Common examples of mechanical ventilation are fans and exhausts, which are used to get rid of excess humidity, unpleasant smell, etc. in kitchens and bathrooms. Ceiling and tabletop fans are used for air circulation in rooms, where, due to the movement of air, there is a sensation of reduced temperature.

* Natural Ventilation: Windows and vents that can be opened are used for natural ventilation. Though natural ventilation uses less energy, total dependency on natural ventilation is not feasible.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC):

In Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) units, heat is removed through the processes of radiation and convection. The cooling medium or refrigerants take the heat away from the surroundings by evaporation. Since they work at low temperatures, moisture in the air condenses onto the coils, which is collected and piped out to a drain, thereby controlling humidity. These ventilation systems have filters that need to be kept clean or replaced, to prevent power losses and improve efficiency of the machine.

Buffalo Blower products include standard centrifugal fan and customized blowers designed to meet our customers' requirements based on Chicago Blower manufacturing standard.
Heavy duty custom built industrial and process fans blowers and blowing systems in Buffalo, New York. Sales of Chicago Blower, Canada corrosion resistant, high pressure and high temperature sealed fan/blower ventilators.